Athletic League - Bulgaria - 2018





                                                                       Athletic League-GO!KIDS! 2018

                                                                                       Final                                                                                                                                                                Hall ASICS Arena                                                                        



1.Goals and Tasks: To popularise Track & Field among kids and youngsters.

2.Leadership and organization: The league is organised by SC Priority Sport in partnership with the Bulgarian Athletic Federation.

3.Place and Time:

4.Disciplines and age groups:





60m,4х 200m, 60m hurdles; long jump - boys and girls 2003-04


60m ,200m,60m hurdles; long jump -boys and girls 2005


60m,600m, 60m hurdles; long jump–boys and girls 2006


60m;600m,60m hurdles;long jump, -boys and girls 2007


60m;long jump,jump from place - boys and girls -2008


60m; jump from place;4 х 50m;–boys and girls 2009


60m; jump from place;4х50m– 2010 and younger



(Ages 2005-06-07,will have a separate renkings only for 60 meters discipline. All ages till 2007 year included, will start from "low start".The competitors in long jump have three attempts ,and in "jump from place" - two attempts.)


 (Every competitor can compete ONLY in two disciplines)       


5.Deadlines and registration: The deadline for registration is three days before the competition.

We ask all coaches to be accurate when submitting the request and to use the form


The starting lists will be post on:


6. Participation conditions-Each participant pays a fee of 10 BGN.

The competition is open for everyone!!!

You can get your starting number on the day of the competition, a hour before your discipline or at the day before the competition by paying the fee in the office of “Priority Sport” –National stadium “Vasil Levski“, entrance 26; room 5Г.

7.Prizes and rankings : The first three in every discipline will get medals, and a cup only for the winner.

All competitors in the six editions of Athletic League GO!KIDS! will get points from first to tenth places(first place - 10 points, etc), exception makes only jump from place, where only the first five will get points(first place- 5 points etc). On the end of the League there will be a General Ranking for the ten best competitors of the year in:

kids-2003-04; kids-2005; kids-2006; kids-2007; kids-2008; kids-2009; and kids-2010 and younger(birth 2011-12, will have a separate ranking for the competition they participate. If there are a few first places, the winner is decided by the one who won the last edition!!!

8.Reqiests for participation on email: Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите.



9.Program: The competition will use  Fully automatic time (FAT) for the running disciplines



  15-16.12.2018 GO!KIDS!      
time discipline age discipline age
  15.12.18-first day      
11.00 60m boys - final 2009    
11.15 60m girls - final 2009 jump from place boys 2009
11.30 60m boys - final 2010 jump from place girls 2009
11.45 60m girls - final 2010 jump from place boys 2010
12.00 60m boys - final 2011 jump from place girls 2010
12.10 60m girls - final 2011 jump from place boys 2011
12.20 60m boys - final 2012 jump from place girls 2011
12.30 60m girls - final 2012 jump from place boys 2012
12.40     jump from place girls 2012
12.45 4Х50m boys final 2009-10    
13.00 4х50m girls final 2009-10    
13.30 Awards and general rankings      



  16.12.18- second day      
10.00 Ч 60m boys - final 2008 long jump girls 2003-04
10.20 Ч 60m girls - final 2008 jumo from place boys 2008
10.40 Ч     jump from place girls 2008
10.45 Ч     long jumps boys 2008
11.20 Ч 60m boys - final 2003-04    
11.35 Ч 60m girls - final 2003-04 long jump girls 2008
11.50 Ч 60m boys - final 2005    
12.05 Ч 60m girls - final 2005    
12.20 Ч 60m boys - final 2006 long jump boys 2003-04
12.35 Ч 60m girls - final 2006    
12.50 Ч 60m boys - final 2007    
13.05 Ч 60m girls - final 2007 long jump girls - group 1 05-06-07
13.25 Ч 60m hurdles boys - final 05-06-07    
13.40 Ч 60m hurdles girls - final 05-06-07    
13.55 Ч 60m hurdles boys - final 2003-04    
14.05 Ч 60m hurdles girls - final 2003-04 long jump boys 05-06-07 Г
14.15 Ч 600m boys - final 2006-07    
14.30 ч 600m girls - final 2006-07    
14.50 Ч 200m boys - final 2005    
15.10 Ч 200m girls - final 2005 long jump girls - group 2 05-06-07 Г
15.30 Ч 200m girls - final 2003-04    
15.50 Ч 200m boys - final 2003-04    
16.10 Ч 4Х200m boys - final 2003-04    
16.30 Ч4Х 4Х200m girls - final 2003-04    
17.00Ч Awards and general rankings